adsutil.vbs Error 462

While trying to create a script to stop and start web sites on multiple servers, I got an error on 3 of the four servers:

The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable
ErrNumber: 462 (0x1CE)
Error trying to open the object: w3svc/8


After a lot of hunting around, I discovered that the problem was that the Windows Firewall was turned on.


I changed the Domain Profile to have the firewall disabled and left the others enabled.


Running the script again, I was able to connect to the remote computer and stop the web site.


Spam Gallery–Tutoring Materials

The Spam Gallery is a series of posts that give examples of spam messages, explaining telltales signs of how they are spam.


This message loses all credibility through misspellings.  In addition, the email address is totally different from the sender’s name (Stacy).  Finally, although the email is addressed to “co-workers”, this email is only sent to one person.